We all need ignition in our lives to take action.

This is the spark that, after years helping students, companies and colleagues around the world, has taken me to create this blog where to share my reflections and insights that connect us with our personal and professional goals, with the ambitious dream of lightening a spark that inspires action.

¿Why “Spark”?

Besides its powerful meaning, “Spark” is the title of Harvard Medical School Professor John Ratey’s book  (Spark: the revolutionary science of exercise and the brain), which explains based on scientific research that quick and intense exercise (ie: running, jogging, swimming or biking for 20 minutes a day) has a tremendous benefit for our mental and cognitive health. This type of activity increases the production of a protein called brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), which is essential for maintaining healthy neurons and creating new ones, and also helps us increase focus, live longer and reduce the risk of depression, Alzheimer or Parkinson. One of the surprising results shown in this book took place in a high school in Illinois, where a pilot project was done, introducing play and daily exercise that took the high school to the world’s top 1 in Science and top 6 in Math.

Same as physical exercise helps our mental and cognitive health, this blog is born with the idea of sharing inspiring stories and insights (which you can read in English and Spanish) so we can maximize our talent and move to action. It will thus be a platform where we will feed our brain, stay in contact and, why not, leave a legacy for those coming next.

After all, it only takes a spark to light a fire…ready?

SPARK (noun)

  1. something that sets off a sudden force<provided the spark that helped the team to rally>
  2. 5: a latent particle capable of growth or developing :  germ <still retains a spark of decency>