Pedro Díaz Ridao has been the top-rated professor at almost every business school at which he’s taught since he started lecturing at 29 years old. He is an expert on how we can better lead others (and ourselves) to create more cohesive teams and meaningful work environments.

As a corporate speaker and consultant, Pedro has helped numerous organizations reach or maintain high performance, improve their culture and maximize their talent. He has trained hundreds of teams across numerous industries and has mentored CEOs, managers, professional athletes, and entrepreneurs from 100+ countries on six continents to become better leaders. He is constantly innovating with new training methodologies that make hard work more fun and meaningful.

His latest book, Mejores Líderes (Better Leaders, soon available in English), reached Amazon’s top 100 in Business Books. It uses science and sports to analyze the eight traits and behaviors that help take action to become more entrepreneurial, conscious leaders.

His keynote speaking (Pedro is fluent in Spanish, English and French) and consulting clients include AirFranceKLM, Real Madrid, EA Sports, Cambridge University, Pfizer, Georgetown University, PwC, and universities and foundations across the globe.

He shares his new insights in his free monthly newsletter, called “SPARK.”

He frequently participates in events and conferences as a keynote speaker, host or panelist, and he writes about management, education, leadership and entrepreneurship in his bilingual blog, which has 200,000+ readers in 100+ countries.

In 2010, Pedro received the Youth Social Entrepreneurs Award for his work fighting homelessness in Spain through the practice of sport. He has also founded several initiatives to help athletes in their transition into new careers after retiring from competition.

He earned his PhD in Sports Science and Social Science and his primary area of research is Leadership and the factors influencing responsible leadership and entrepreneurial drive.

Pedro is an avid learner who loves to constantly challenge himself. He is an advisor and investor in startups related to HR, wellbeing and technology. He finds inspiration while running and listening to his favorite podcasts, has recently begun his third university degree (Psychology, after Translation and Interpreting and Business), and he loves learning from and interacting with world cultures.