Pedro speaks frequently about leadership, talent, motivation, and team management to audiences in English, Spanish, and French across the globe, both in person and virtually.

His scientific rigor (he holds a PhD in Leadership), his understanding of the client’s reality (every talk he gives is unique and fully customized) and his enthusiastic style make each of his speeches a truly inspiring learning experience.

Pedro’s diverse background (university professor, entrepreneur, consultant, and author) allows him to connect with a wide range of audiences. He has delivered keynote speeches for organizations such as United Nations, AirFranceKLM, Cambridge University, EA Sports, PwC, Canon, Pfizer, and to educational and social institutions across the globe.

Some examples

Better Leaders

(based on the book BETTER LEADERS)

Everyone has the capacity (and responsibility) to become a better leader. Better leaders are change agents who know how to advance in complex environments and who successfully adapt to new realities, getting exceptional results.

In this keynote, the participants will:

  • Learn that to lead is to improve those around us. Current leadership needs to incorporate social impact in order to be effective.
  • Discover that the power to change lies in those who practice their leadership in the most subtle details of their day to day.
  • Expand their self-awareness and entrepreneurial mindset to build momentum towards their continuous improvement.
  • Learn the 8 personality traits that impact in our leadership and how to develop them to move towards action (based on 10 years of research).
  • Discover inspiring examples from various disciplines that will motivate them to develop their talent and that of their teams.

The new learning

There is a maxim in learning: you can’t learn something you think you know. The paradox is that the more experience and self-confidence we have, the more difficult it is to be open to new learning opportunities.

In this keynote, the participants will learn:

  • That humility is recognizing learning in you.
  • That learning fast isn’t about listening to podcasts at 2.5x, but rather about extracting the maximum value of the information that’s around you.
  • That we learn in four ways: with our memory, with emotions, with mental schemes and with iterations.
  • How to expand our range of experiences to develop new capacities.
  • That the best antidote against settling for comfort is to have a project and the best way to learn something is to teach it.
  • How to create and promote a learning environment in our organization.

The improvement mindset

A Davis Cup isn’t won in a day. Likewise, a project isn’t the consequence of a sudden success, but rather a series of improvements. In this keynote, Pedro talks with former ATP tennis player and coach Francisco “Pato” Clavet on how we can improve professionally and adapt to new roles (such as beginning to lead teams of people) and what mindset changes we need to embrace to make the most of any new function we develop.

In this keynote, the participants will learn:

  • That managing is a team sport.
  • The 4 mindset changes that are needed to grow professionally.
  • How to leverage the key moments: the turning points.
  • How to maximize the qualities of your team instead of imposing yours.
  • How to drive extraordinary results with a heterogeneous team.
  • How, despite common opinion, with a good practice a weakness can be turned into a strength.


High performance teams

To compete like never before, we must train like never before. High-performance teams are teams who learn, who constantly challenge themselves and who seek inspiration even in the most critical times. It is the almost imperceptible work that we do in the shade that puts us in the light. Generating habits becomes a key asset to prepare for a future that we don’t know. The skills that made us special yesterday won’t be useful tomorrow. The new challenges need new skills, and these new tools will bring us closer to the goals that we set as a team.

In this keynote, the participants will learn:

  • What a person needs to feel part of a team.
  • Three levers that help us become a valuable team member and to increase our current contributions.
  • That high-performance teams are not formed by well-balanced individuals, but individuals but individuals who balance well with one another.
  • What role people play in the digital transformation.
  • The good shot theory and how to apply it to ourselves and to our team.
  • How to put our talent to the service of the others in order to grow individually and collectively.
  • How to adapt our communication to the virtual context.
I was looking forward to seeing Pedro live and he exceeded all my expectations: he left all of us full of energy to continue learning and improving. Very inspiring.
Roberto García, CEO, Electro Alavesa S.A.

Pedro has helped us define our own leadership model through different tools: training sessions, keynote speeches and a virtual gamified platform. We also read his book Better Leaders and discussed its lessons as a team. His speech on self-leadership became a tipping point and helped us understand how important it is to leverage strategy and tactics in order to maximize our talent and our diversity.

Natalia Fernández Vega, Head of People & Transformation, Mutualidad de la Abogacía.

A great experience with an innate communicator: he sparks enthusiasm, clear ideas and practical examples, with a lot of empathy…I totally recommend it!

Joan Prous, CEO, IQV Agro Spain

Pedro is a close, authentic and inspiring communicator. The best companion for our teams and leaders in the cultural transformation we have recently experienced. He connects with people incredibly well because of his gift to explain complex and intangible concepts in a simple way. No matter what his audience is, he is always capable of generating extraordinary insights and make everybody smile.

María Junyent, HR Business Partner, Ferrer

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