Two decades ago, Mario Salcedo retired from his job and went on a cruise. He never came back. But Mario didn’t get lost at sea. For more than 20 years, he’s been a permanent resident on Royal Caribbean Cruises. Yes. “Super Mario” -as the crew calls him- has spent more than 7,300 consecutive nights on cruise ships.

During these +20 years, he has lived like any other person with the exception of the land they live on. He has fallen in love and even gotten married and divorced on the same cruise.

You’ve probably dreamt of not having to clean or do the laundry ever again, but could you really leave everything behind?

Whether this is living in true happiness -he considers himself the happiest guy on earth- or escaping from reality, Mario’s story is a peculiar and intriguing one.

Would holidays taste the same if we didn’t have to work hard to have them? Is it true that the fewer days off that we have, the more we appreciate them, or can we enjoy every day regardless of the context?

What are we willing to do -and stop doing- to live the life that we want?

Watch the 10-minute film here.

Have a great rest of the week,

Pedro Díaz Ridao