We all want to maximize our vacation time and sometimes we have the feeling of not having done so. To avoid this bitter feeling, here are five simple ideas that will inspire us to take advantage of our favorite time of the year.

1) Make a dream come true

Some dreams are expensive but some are not. Hot air ballooning, visiting a dream country/city, sleeping out in the open, writing a book…Our holidays offer inspiring plans and ideas for all budgets. Making one of our dreams come true will not only make us return to work with many stories to tell, but it will also bring us positive feelings that will serve as our “food” during the rest of the year.

And it will help us broaden our horizons. The bigger we become, the smaller the world will be…


2) Switch off (really)

If you love your job or even love Mondays as we saw in this post, congratulations! But also note that when your work looks like holidays, sometimes your holidays can look a lot like work…Let’s respect our rest time and fully unwind. Let’s do it for those around us and also for ourselves.

desconexión vacaciones

3) Delegate

Holidays prove that the world doesn’t collapse when we are not in the office and they are the ideal time to delegate because we have no choice. It is a fact that no one does things like you do. They can do them better or worse, but never like you because each of us is different and unique. Let’s try to delegate not only when we have to (ie: on holidays) but also during the year, when it is more challenging to do so.

delegate delegar

4) Set new goals

Longer vacation times are the ideal moment to reflect on what we have done so far in the year and to think about our next goals (in my case I prefer to do this in Summer than at the end of the year). A stroll on the beach or a mountain hike can become the ideal moment to connect with ourselves and to focus on where we want to be. If we don’t set goals, someone will likely set them for us and maybe these goals are not the ones we wanted. If we find spaces for reflection (alone or with someone), we will remember these goals next to special moments that we lived and this will help us commit to them more.

Objectives are like a train ride. We get to see more things, more details, when are sitting backwards. To know where we want to go, we must first understand where we are coming from and this needs reflection time.

paseo por bosque

5) Make a list with your priorities

We are all used to returning from holidays with the feeling of having done less than half the things we wanted to have done. Fortunately… To make sure that we accomplish those things that were more important, a useful exercise is to make a list with all our ideas and things we want to do, then place them in order of importance and highlight the top 4-5 things we would really want to do by the end of our holidays. This will give us a feeling of accomplishment that will fuel us during the rest of the year.

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